Medical Records

Maryland Law specifies that a request for any patient medical record must be in writing and must become a part of the person's medical record. The medical records department protects the confidentiality of all patient information and will only release a patient's medical record with the proper consent. If a physician involved in your care needs a copy of your medical record, the medical records department can forward a copy to that physician with your consent.

For purposes other than treatment, requests for copies of records are handled on a case by case basis utilizing state and federal guidelines for the proper release of patient information.


Lower Level - Frederick Memorial Hospital

Entrance to use:

Green Entrance #1 - Main Entrance

Parking Options:

Free Valet Parking

Surface Parking in Green Lot #1

Visitor Parking - Garage Entrance

How to get there:

From the Main Entrance, follow signs for the Hospital Elevators.

Take the ICU Elevators to the Lower Level (B).

Follow signs for Medical Records.

To return to the Main Entrance, follow signs for the ICU Elevators and go back to the 1st floor.

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